& Safety

We just probably made the safest street bicycle in the world, coming soon to the streets of London!


We make The Safest Brightest Bikes in the World.

We believe that cycling should be open to everyone. By making bikes visible, so visible that you can’t miss them, we’re making cycling safer and better. The road belongs to all users: Cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, cars, lorries and buses. Everyone has the right to travel safely, to enjoy the journey and to get where they are going in one piece. But if that’s going to happen, the smaller, more fragile road users need to be seen clearly at all times.
In short: a seen cyclist is a safe cyclist. That means LIGHTS. Bright clear lights.

The crucial point is this…We’ve built our super bright lights into the bike itself. That means lights which won’t be forgotten or stolen. They will mean you can ride safe and be seen all the time. Our patented lighting technology is making the road a safer place. The lights in side our frame and handle bars are special too. We have developed lights which are ideally suited for the specific job.


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Tech Specs



Tail & Brake


Powerful Head




  • 6061-T6 aluminium alloy frame and handlebar
  • Cree led diodes on custom boards
  • Panasonic lithium iron batteries
  • Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gear
  • Tektro disc brakes
  • Tektro brake levers with built in brake light sensors
  • Velo comfort seat
  • Velo ergonomic grips

Safety Bicycles With Integrated Headlights And Brake Lights

Our bikes carry safety features that meet the demands of the urban environment. The integrated lighting system ensures clearer visibility for both yourself and other commuters. The integrated headlights and brake lights are extremely bright at 1000 lumens. They shine with the same intensity as a car light. Because they are integrated they won’t be stolen and they won’t get lost.

Gerez Cycles provide the optimum combination of safety and convenience.

Integrated Indicator Bike Lights

Changing directions is when accidents happen to cyclists. Our bikes carry a host of features which make changing directions when cycling safer. Every bike has turn signals in the form of switch-operated clear orange indicators on the front and rear of the bike. Also, there is a handle bar mounted forward laser which will warn even the most distracted driver that a cyclist is there – and turning to avoid unprecedented accidents on the road.