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With over fifteen years of experience in bicycles, our founder Manny is the innovator behind the Gerez Cycles brand. Since 2014, he has been developing and producing high-quality bicycles for professional and recreational cyclists.

An avid cyclist himself since the age of six, Manny understands the hazards of cycling in urban environments such as London. He has poured this first-hand experience into the design of the Gerez bikes, to make them the safest bike on the road.

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The Idea - Making London Safer For Cyclists

Bikes are the ideal urban transport - they are fast, clean and take up minimal street space. Cyclists' survival depend, however, on the awareness of other road users for their safety: cars, lorries and van drivers, are not only faster, but are much larger and more dangerous...

The Ultimate Urban Safety Bike

Although they share the same road space as cars need more lights in order to be seen and safe.
Those lights need to be attached, remembered, replaced. Cyclists lose their lights, get them stolen, forget them.
Because the lights in Gerez Cycles are built in to the bike, that’s one less thing to worry about.

The Mission - A Safer Future For Urban Cyclists

The quality, innovative design and durability of the Gerez Bikes brand are the result of the effort and talent of our dedicated design global design team. We have located and worked with some of the key specialists in frame and component design to create an iconic product.

The Design - An Urban Bike With Integrated Safety Lights

With our integrated lights, cyclists can now enjoy the same level of visibility and safety as a car driver or motorbike rider. The Gerez Bike is reliable, sturdy, light and easy to ride, as well as being safe. It is the most visible bike and therefore, the safest of its kind on the road today.


Every Gerez Bike carries the full set of fully integrated safety lights: integrated bike headlights, bicycle brake lights, indicators and laser front lights. These are the features we are proudest of, and it is our patented innovation which makes our bike.