Our Mission

Almost one million bicycle journeys are made every day in London. And the core message behind the Gerez Cycles design focuses on everyday suitability and performance, in combination with an attractive design that has safety in mind.

In addition, our expertise in the field of bicycle modification and product development has helped us establish our electric safety bikes; whilst keeping the sentiments of increased environmental awareness in mind. With this ideology, our bikes are already celebrating considerable success in the urban bike scene. However, our mission is to develop our urban safety bike concept further and this is why we are seeking key investment to help with this. Below are a few reasons why you should invest.

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Our Innovation

In the United Kingdom and many other countries, cycling accidents are becoming increasingly worrying, especially in urban environments like London. As only one arm signal is explicitly permitted to indicate a turn request, this often goes unnoticed. Often for many cyclists, the greatest dangers occur in the dark, as they are perceived badly by other motorists. Although detachable bicycle lights and equipment are widely available, however, such accessories carry the risk of getting lost, which means cyclists can spend hundreds of pounds securing their bikes better visibility and against theft. Our mission is to not only provide safety on the roads but also to provide comfort as well.

Our Thinking

When designing our bikes, we recognize the above-mentioned pitfalls using lighting to overcome them. Our bikes are not only characterised by our patented light sensors, indicators lights, brake and rear lights but also by their high-quality frame design with perfectly matched geometry, and durability. Our bike can both explicitly serve as a supplement to the existing specifications for cycling in those urban environments or as a complete replacement.

Our Journey

Since we began back in 2014, our experienced engineers are continuously adopting new innovative technologies and trends, as well as implementing their own ideas. Especially in the bike sector where many innovations have been made, the research and development of our bicycles have become more integrated at Gerez Cycles in recent years.

Our Brand

The imprint of the brand was born with a research process that has seen us travel and work with partners in the Far East, Europe and the Americas. Our mission is to continue creating and engineering innovative features with updates to be launched soon following more research and development.


If you like what you see and want to get involved, we offer all interested parties the opportunity to invest in Gerez Cycles. For further information email info@gerezcycles.co.uk.