We are about to set a new benchmark in urban road cycling in London and other cities globally. Our mission and team are working hard to bring cycling innovation to new levels

Our Mission

It is hard to imagine that only just a few years ago, the Gerez Cycle brand was founded and has now expanded into a globally active bicycle brand. Safety bicycles with integrated brake and indicators lights are the trademark of our brand.

A modern design, high-quality geometry and first-class lighting sensors characteristics make our bicycles, the ultimate urban safety bike for cyclists who have security as a primary concern.

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Our Passion For Safe Cycling Leads The Way

Behind the Gerez Cycles brand is a team of passionate bikers - most who are cycling professionals themselves. Their knowledge and expertise is the basis for the development of every single light that has been integrated into our bikes. We are not satisfied with mediocrity; rather all the features that make up the complete design of our bikes are purposefully created and complement each other. Meet the brains behind our brand:

Manny – Founder

Manny, our founder and executive chairman, is an avid cyclist. Upon receiving his first BMX bike at the age of six, Manny quickly gained a good understanding of the mechanics of riding, repairing and building all varieties of bikes in the urban environment of South London where he grew up. His passion for bikes paired with a Business Studies degree was the driving mechanism for the launch of Gerez Cycles in 2014.

Manny’s flair for business doesn’t stop at designing bicycles. He also has interests in a successful agricultural and hospitality organisations, which has up until now provided Gerez Cycles with the financial support needed for research and development.

Peter – CEO

Also, a committed urban cyclist, Peter our CEO, is another brain behind the steady growth of Gerez Cycles. Driven by the brands' mission to provide safer bicycles, Peter benefits the company with his international know-how gained in over the forty countries he has worked in. He has developed many synergies involving a close cooperation with other large blue chip companies and successful startups he has headed or founded.

As an MBA graduate of UCL and Manchester Business School and with more than 20 years of experience, Peter also brings a good understanding of all aspects of marketing, and finance to the business operations.

CARLOS – Technical Director

The engineering and careful craftsmanship of our bicycles wouldn’t be possible without Carlos our Technical Director. From the spokes of the wheels to the screwing together of the parts in the final assembly, Carlos is responsible for designing and building the pre-production prototype.

Carlos’ expertise and knowledge were developed from a young age as he grew up surrounded by wheels. His talent was spotted in 2009 by Agility Global while testing one of his electric bike inventions. And during his time spent at Agility, he developed electric superbikes such as the Saietta R. He later went on to work for Fully Charged, one of London’s largest electric bicycle companies where he developed on his knowledge in electric vehicle technology.