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At Gerez Cycles we are a forward thinking company and developing new innovative features that ensure the safety of cyclists in urban environments is at the core of our mission.

We are looking to integrate more and newer features into future designs with updates to be launched soon following more research and development. Below are specifications that make the Gerez Cycle G1, one of if not the safest bike in the world

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Commuter Bike With An Innovative Design

The innovation behind the Gerez G1 bike is that it offers cyclists the opportunity to see and be seen when cycling in busy urban streets. Our patented technology using light sensors sits alongside an elegant design that includes a 6061-T6 aluminium alloy frame and handlebar.

With lighting being at the centre of its most interesting advantages, cyclists can now have a lighting system integrated into their bicycle with a high light output, that is easy to use (thanks to the use of common batteries) and difficult to be lost or stolen.

Ergonomic Seats

It should also be noted that thanks to the innovative design of the velo ergonomic seats and bike handle grips, cyclists can enjoy even more comfort. This model takes the traditional MTB grip to the next level. The knurled texture is the standard for general grips, but we couple it with a single-clamp design for reduced weight, cleaner looks, and improved ergonomics.

Ergonomic Grips

The grips sit on a platform-like pad rest to provide a large footprint and prevent falling fingers and aching hands. They also prevent pressure surges in the palm and on the ulnar nerve by removing the load over a larger area. The addition of fitted ergonomic grips also ensures that when the support surface is correctly aligned, the grips "force" the hand into an ergonomic posture, thus avoiding twisting of the wrist.

Rechargeable Batteries In A Sleek Design

The Panasonic lithium ion batteries can easily recharge and are carefully hidden, so the bike's design remains simple, beautiful and clean while being highly functional and equipped with the latest technology. Our bikes are also built only with high quality, materials making it a durable and agile bike for the city.


All Gerez G1 bikes are fitted with Tektro quality front and rear disc brakes and offer built-in brake light sensors that shine with the same intensity as a brake light on a car. Thus, it is the ideal urban safety bike for any London commuter that wants to keep safety a priority, without compromising on style or taste. If you feel you would like to join our team or invest in the future of urban cycling then we would be delighted to talk!