How to Protect Against Urban Bike Theft

Many of us value an active lifestyle and getting around on our bikes. It is precisely this love of the bicycle and the associated esteem that has been recognized by potential thieves, leading to more frequent bicycle theft nationwide. All the more the question arises as to what to do in case of a bicycle theft and how best to prevent it.

Stealing a bicycle is quite easy, it is not something that requires much effort or much force. Therefore, the best option is to secure it under a method of protection. Your bike should never be left out of sight. Especially not if it is not completed. In addition, it should be attached to a solid object, such as a lantern. Currently, there are many options to secure your bike, the most popular being a security lock. Here are a few other methods to protect your bike against theft:

Select the type of security for your bicycle carefully

Times have changed from the days when a rope was good enough to secure a bicycle. The good news is that nowadays, there are various resistant materials which are very difficult to break. U-locks, provide the best option of rigidity which limits the thief’s range of movement. Padlocks, on the other hand, can be quite expensive and heavy to carry.

Protect your bike accessories

Just as much as your bike is at risk of getting stolen, so are the accessories. Most cyclists tend to carry their accessories such as the lights and helmets with. Although helpful, this can be very inconvenient when you have several places to go a day. An option will be to purchase an urban bike with integrated lights such as the Gerez G1 cycle. This unique bike has been designed with integrated front and rear lights and light sensors. So, you will not have to work about attaching and detaching your lights every time.

Hexagonal nuts and bearings

As a safety measure, the hex nuts allow the cyclist a little more protection. However, these can be removed with common tools; in theory, they only require two pliers to unscrew. Most people, however, use silicon in the head of the bolt; this way the thieves take more time to dismantle it. However, it is not recommended as it can be difficult for you to unscrew later.

Chains and cables

The chains often represent a difficulty for thieves. Although it is not very attractive, it may be enough to protect our bicycle. Currently, there are chains covered in an inner tube, these are quite useful and also help to maintain the paint of your bicycle.

Protect the bike via GPS

Backup technologies have become established on the market, which enables location-specific monitoring of the bicycle. When integrated into an original series rear light, a chip locates the stolen bike in real time immediately after installation. The configuration and operation are intuitive via a smartphone app (iOS and Android). In the case of a bicycle theft, the chip sends the alarm directly to the phone via push message. In this way, you get the place and street name of the bike in experience.

Note the frame number

In any case, it is important to write down the frame number of the bike. This is helpful in order to be able to give more exact information on the bike in case of a loss report. The fine number makes a clear assignment possible between the object and the owner. This number is either engraved in the upper part of the frame or attached by a sticker. The advantage is that the code can no longer be removed. It is this marking that deters potential thieves, and at the same time, the bike loses value.

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