Top Safety Equipment Every Urban Cyclist Needs

Have you recently purchased a bike? Want to know what are the best safety equipment every cyclist needs? Even if your bike is not new and you have not yet bought accessories for it, this article is for you too.

The accessories you choose will have to be based on the type of bicycle, its use and, of course, your particular tastes. Ideally, start with necessary equipment. Over time, you will realize your needs and look for the right accessories to satisfy them.

Bike accessories are essential both for the safety of the bicycle and for the cyclist, and we have outlined them in three main objectives that include; accessories for safety, accessories for comfort and accessories for self-sufficiency.

Accessories for safety

The first thing you have to consider when buying accessories is security. As urban cyclists, we are part of the vehicular flow and are exposed to possible mishaps with other vehicles and pedestrians. The best way to protect yourself against these mishaps is to always stay visible. A good recommendation is to also wear brightly colored clothes, especially at night.

Having good lights is one of the fundamental accessories for the urban cyclist. It is not enough to use reflectors! There are different garments, such as vests or bands of fluorescent colors and reflective bands that you can use, as a complement, to make you more visible. Alternatively, you can opt for purchasing safe urban bikes such as the Gerez G1, which is designed with integrated lights that include light sensors, indicator lights and front and rear light

Another basic accessory for the urban cyclist is a good padlock . Sadly, bicycle thefts are the order of the day. There is no infallible padlock, so the best way to secure your bike is to make yours a lot harder to steal than the next one.

Accessories for comfort

When you use the bicycle to move around the city, the transport of cargo is inevitable. According to our activities, at some point, it will be necessary to load with the computer, books, or change of clothes, etc. The most practical and simple way to transport light loads, for short distances is a backpack. In hot weather, on long trips, when the load is heavy or large, the backpack can be impractical.

To transport heavier or bulky loads, a saddlebag or a basket can help. In the saddlebag, you can carry the load that you would normally carry in the backpack, with the advantage that it does not strain your back like a backpack does.

Accessories for self-sufficiency

A good urban cyclist must always be prepared for minor repairs and adjustments. You never know where, or when you will need to change or patch a camera, a problem with the chain, brakes or many other common mishaps. A basic tool kit is essential to get out of trouble. This will include levers or shovels to remove tires, portable air pumps, a set of screwdrivers, an Allen key set, a short chain.

To Conclude

Whether it is an accessory for the bicycle or for your safety, it important that you make sure that the accessory is the right one, has the appropriate measures and is compatible with your pedaling style.

In many bicycle stores, you will find a great variety of the same accessory, within a wide range of prices. Normally, higher quality translates into a higher cost, although that is not always the case. The idea is to research and compare before buying: Ask the store about the differences between similar products, look for reviews in specialized magazines or on the Internet, ask other cyclists to evaluate your investment very well.

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